Nelson Electronic Organ & Keyboard Club

The Nelson Electronic Organ And Keyboard Club

We are a small club operating in the Nelson, Stoke and Richmond areas. People of all ages, with the common interest of performing and listening to music played on the electronic organ or portable electronic keyboard can meet and exchange ideas. We meet two - three times most months for musical entertainment, and at other times for more social events.

The skill level of our members range from novice to professional. The members are friendly and can help others to get the best out of their instruments. 

The Club owns a Yamaha PSR 975 and a PSR 910 keyboard and a full PA system, with a wireless microphone. The keyboard is used at all of our club activities and is passed around members between events, allowing them to get to know the instrument.

We are always looking for new members, so if you are interested please make contact via email or through one of the contact personnel on the contact page

To see our calendar of events please visit the Club Day or Social Afternoons pages. 

I have been visiting the PSR Tutorial pages and downloading new drum beats. Members have enjoyed playing with them so have decided to load them for everyone to download. This page is only linked HERE Have fun.

The lockdown is now over, but I'll leave the vidieo's that were put up for your entertainment. Enjoy

1. 3 Waltzes (Warren Fenemor)

2. Annabelle Waltz (Warren Fenemor)

3. The End Of The World (Yvonne Tetlow)

4. Clarinet Polka (Warren Fenemor)

5. Blueberry Waltz Comp. P Cox (Warren Fenemor)

6. Norwegian Cradle Song (Warren Fenemor)

7. You Are My Sunshine (Rae Talbot) 

8. Cinco De Mayo (Warren Fenemor)

9. Valerie (Valerie Andrews)

10. Bluebell Polka (Warren Fenemor)

11. Whistling Rufus (Warren Fenemor)

12. Annen Polka (Warren Fenemor)

13. 2009 Convention Samba (Warren Fenemor)

14. If (Warren Fenemor) (learning new video tricks)

15. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Warren Fenemor)

17. Maori Medley (Warren Fenemor)

18. The Blue Danube Waltz (Warren Fenemor)

20. Lets Dance The Polka (Warren Fenemor)

21. Singalong (Warren Fenemor) 

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